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Business Analytics PDE: Deloitte COO on Tech and Leadership @ Villanova

Author: Evan Rhodes | Class: Dr. Borden Business Dynamics Section 015 | 12/6/19

“In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, we need to be prepared to navigate the digital revolution in the age of human and machine collaboration.” says David Rudini,

What do professors really know about business? Is business school where the best business leaders are trained, or are business skills better cultivated another way?  Business schools delay when aspiring businesspeople can begin building career experience. To counter this disadvantage, schools like the Villanova School of Business set up professional development events so students can gain experience, make connections, and become informed about different careers. To learn more about a career in business analytics, I decided to attend the Center for Business Analytics Thought Leader Lecture with David Rudini this Wednesday before the UPenn vs Villanova basketball game. Twice per year the Center for Business Analytics invites forward thinking experts to discuss how they have used analytics to address the challenges around them. These lectures have included notable thought leaders such as Alicia Rankin, head of research for the NFL and William McDermott, co-CEO of SAP.

Rudini also has an impressive position as the COO of data analytics at Deloitte. Mostly because of that, I decided to sign up to attend the event hoping to take advantage VSB’s ability to bring in experienced businessmen who students can learn from and many have even gotten their first job from. Rudini had many interesting things to say about Data Analytics, which is a field that has completely embraced the increased use of information technology in business. Rudini has a wide pool of experience from 25 years of business across many different industries such as telecommunications, medical technology, utilities, financial services, retail, manufacturing industries, and the public sector. Since he first started, in every industry Rudini sees a consistent theme of “human-machine relationships” becoming increasingly important and powerful for businesses. The business analytics field is especially interested in the power computers and new AI technology can offer using the huge amounts of data that today’s big businesses have access to. Deloitte’s AI technology is already able to parse through companies massive ‘data lakes’ to find useful insights for things like logistics, manufacturing, and IT systems management. The ‘AI revolution’ has already begun!

          In the future, Rudini predicts that even more human-centered business positions like those in marketing, human resources, and ethics will all have artificial intelligence technology integrated into their jobs soon. In fact, Deloitte is already working on an AI software to help HR managers with contract negotiations. I felt this part was his most important point; AI is an innovation driver — you must see how jobs will change. Rudini said it best in this article for TechRepublic I found while researching this blog post: “Many of the complex challenges businesses need to solve today require humans working with machines to gain advantage.” If I want to get a good job in the future, Rudini taught me I must be well trained to work with the relevant technology of today, and prepared to adapt to the technology of tomorrow. Therefore, students at Villanova Business School must use the resources offered to them to gain the technology skills they need to stay competitive!

The ‘AI revolution’ has already begun!


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